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Circuitnoise ‎"Corrupted Cloud Transmissions" CDr

The aim of the Circuitnoise project is to discover the vast field of random noises through electronic devices. Nothing more nothing less... Circuitnoise is a random fluctuation in an electrical signal, a characteristic of all electronic circuits. Noise generated by electronic devices varies greatly, as it can be produced by several different effects. Thermal and shot noise are unavoidable and due to the laws of nature, rather than to the device exhibiting them, while other types depend mostly on manufacturing quality and semiconductor defects. 
On this basis Jens Rosenfeld from Darmstadt, Germany, harnesses said signal fluctuations into musical structures that are surprisingly harmonious, a kind of materialistic drone/ambient music. While the raw material of Rosenfeld’s compositions is noise in the electrical sense, it is not noisy in an acoustical way. Using loopers, mixers, and various effects devices, Circuitnoise sculpts pure electricity into opulent dronescapes which acknowledge the fact that, like all other electronic music, they are totally dependent on electricity supply. Their tongue-in-cheek titles such as “Uploading Incomplete Data” or “Memory Leak Isolation” emphasise the potential noisiness (aka vulnerability) of our highly digitised lifeworld. 
Limited edition of 50 copies in cardboard sleeve cover.
75 SEK 25 SEK