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Emerge ‎"Dispense" CDr

Emerge ‎"Dispense" CDr

This album by EMERGE offers an almost orchestral breadth of sonic textures unparalleled by his other work.The deep, resonant ruminations of the bass that are one of his trademarks are all there, but they are combined with fleeting fragments that almost sound like a folk song played far away on a mountaintop on the other side of a valley, swept away by the wind. The music definitely has a nocturnal feel about it, but is in no way “dark” ambient in the sense of oppressive or scary. 
The colourfulness of this release may be due to the fact that EMERGE here combines source sounds from three Attenuation Circuit labelmates instead of just one source as on most of his other releases. Niku Senpuki, Martyn Schmidt, and Sustained Development have contributed some guitar, vocals, and field recordings – none of which are in the least bit recognisable, but they go a long way in enriching the frequency spectrum of this great composition by EMERGE. 
Limited edition of 50 copies in cardboard sleeve cover.
75 SEK15 SEK