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Fire in the Head "As the Nest Burns" CD

Fire in the Head "As the Nest Burns" CD

"As The Nest Burns” is an album about the darkest depths of psychosis, about the delusions and actions over which one has no control when entrenched in a manic state and the nightmares from which some never awaken. It is an album born in the blackest of times, to be listened to in the blackest of times. With this recording F/I/T/H experiments with new arsenal of sounds and techniques adding a heavily psychedelic edge to his mix of noise/power electronics/drone. These are the straight-jacketed screams from the bowels of a mental institution. Written by Michael Page.
Album lasts for 33 min.32 sec. We recommend you to listen to “As The Nest Burns” only on Hi-fi stereo. Limited edition 400 copies.


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