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Gerald Fiebig & Emerge VS NYM "Condensed Endeavour" CDr

Gerald Fiebig & Emerge VS NYM "Condensed Endeavour" CDr

A live recording of a concert by EMERGE and Gerald Fiebig at Cairo in Würzburg, Germany, fell into the hands of the mysterious artist (pseudo-) NYM, who used the audio of the whole concert as raw material for creating one of his glacial, monochrome dronescapes. 
Clocking in at more than 36 minutes, the composition by NYM rather expanded than condensed the musical endeavour by EMERGE and Fiebig on the Cairo stage, which was hosted by Würzburg’s experimental music series Taubenschlag. Aesthetically, if not temporally, the title is quite fitting as the slowly moving drones created by EMERGE and Fiebig were condensed into a kind of uber-drone, nothing but the infinite background hum of a pre-human or post-apocalyptic universe, with all colour/timbre drained from the sound source. This would make perfect theatre music for any Beckett performance, preferably of “Endgame.” 
Limited edition of 50 copies in cardboard sleeve cover.

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