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Girnų Giesmės "Rupūs Miltai" CD

Girnų Giesmės "Rupūs Miltai" CD

“Rupūs miltai“ – presently counted as the eighth album of Lithuanian post-industrialmusic pioneer “Girnų Giesmės“. The begetter of this Project Laurynas Jukonis used to mark all his albums by some most archaic and original elements of Lithuanian culture, such as the glee, rhymed recitations in ancient Lithuanian language, some ornament on the cover. They reflect the coherence between the author and archaic worldview, genetics of ancestors, moreover – they perfectly adopt the ancient code for enriching the collective future thinking. The newest album entitled with the ancient relic, genuine and dearly fine Lithuanian euphemism – “Rupūs Miltai“ – which is not translatable into other languages, perhaps even not explicable to foreigners, but naturally acceptable by everyone of Lithuanian descent as some higher element of communication, open to selected ethnos. The author of this Project chose this relic of sublime reality as the guiding point to surreal, psychedelic trip into different, more universal reality where the ocean of associations and infinite possibility of interpretation rise. The web of senses generated by the album “Rupūs Miltai“ throws the listener along the emotional draughts as if the whirlwind carrying the small butterfly. A stream of transparent ambient suddenly grows into the hysterical ritual dance of shamans, leading to the labyrinth of feelings hiding the fearful obscurity. As the battle falls, the light descends, and the vanishing mind erases every thought and sense. “Rupūs Miltai“ is a peculiar, psychedelic album talking of .... With various eclectic post-industrial accents twinkling in it, with unique style aesthetics unrolling and blazing in unconventional loops of dark and hypnotic ambient and frozen industrial pulse.
Album lasts for 37 min. 39 sec. Limited edition 299 copies.

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