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Hoarfrost "Anima Mundi" CD (RA-27)

Hoarfrost "Anima Mundi" CD (RA-27)

Anima Mundi - the world soul. Sometimes interpreted as the mythical Gaia or the mother of earth and all it's life and forms. The superorganism of the planet. 
With their fourth album, Hoarfrost explores the philosophical view of mother earth as the caring ancient goddess and the possibility that she's actually are a Medea that will deceive and betray humanity, making us faithless and deprived of our will to survive. And in the end, facing total collapse. 
On "Anima Mundi", Hoarfrost collaborates with Katarzyna Bromirska (cello), Valdi Rzeszut (guitar), Dawid Chrapla and Tomasz Twardawa (noise structures) bringing us dark ambient industrialism.
Limited edition of 300 copies in 4-panel digipack cover. 

Released 17th August 2016.

125 SEK