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Jarl "Vertigo Rebirth" CD

Vertigo Rebirth is the fourteenth album of Swedish composer Erik Jarl and the third and last part of theVertigo trilogy. It is difficult to say anything more about Jarl’s music on the whole. Like the earlier albums, this one generates particularly severe emotions that could be shortly defined as isolation, intoxication and especially negative, poisonous intuition. This impression is enhanced by the contrast. Erik opens the album with a track that has a construction uncharacteristic to his previous compositions. This composition contains quite strange rhythmics and is rather dynamic, which generates deceptive elation. But that’s only the first track of the album. The rest fling the audience back to the cold uncompromising space of drone, piercing and crushing all attempts to perceive the phenomenon of Jarl’s impasse. This is one more remarkable album for potential suicides.
Album "Vertigo Rebirth" lasts for 53 min. 56 sec. Limited edition 200 copies.
115 SEK 45 SEK