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Junko & Sachiko "Vasilisa the Beautiful" CD

Junko & Sachiko "Vasilisa the Beautiful" CD

This is the live recorded duo set of Junko, a distinct vocalist and voice performer from "HIJOKAIDAN", and Sachiko who also utilizes voice to develop her particular sounds. 
Being so unique as that Junko's one-of-a-kind screaming leaves any unwanted elements what-so-ever, Sachiko applies her voice as a generator with delay and fuzz to fortify the space and resonate that of Junko's. 
Intermingling noise and drone, their sudden sounds weave and interwine and ultimately integrate. It seems as their expressions are bipolar, yet this is the world of a rare female sound that may lead you even to a sphere beyond what's brought to your ears. 
A vocalist, known as a screamer of the ultimate state of rock, NOISE, band "HIJOKAIDAN". The intensity of her scream is unsurpassable and so unique. 
Recently, her work, aside from "HIJOKAIDAN", includes "DFH-M3" with Mayuko Hino and Ranko Onishi, an Europe tour with Michel Henritzi (france), and also her solo and collaborations. 
She has started her voice and electronics solo while playing as a bassist for KOSOKUYA and OVERHANG PARTY. Since her first release of "You never atone for…" in 2006, her works've been out from various labels around the world. She also plays in the shamanistic voice duo "VAVA KITORA" with Yamaakago and the drone unit "Tangerine Dream Syndicate". Also known as the label owner of "MUSIK ATLACH".
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