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Martwa Natura ‎"IV" CDr

Martwa Natura ‎"IV" CDr

In their duo Martwa Natura, Martyna Solecka (voice) and EMERGE (voice samples, body sounds) use live improvisation to explore the sonic potential of their deliberately stripped-down source materials. This instalment of their research was recorded live in concert at LAC in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, on 6 January 2016. 
Short and intense, this 18-minute performance has a rather different dynamic than previous performances by Martwa Natura. While the sets are usually subtle, often using near-silence to punctuate their development, in this case heated, noisy “powerplay” phases form an important part of the music. Certainly a step forward in Martwa Natura’s endeavour of continually refining and broadening their musical palette. 
3"CDr in a limited edition of 22 copies.

75 SEK25 SEK