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Martyn Bates & Troum "To a Child Dancing in the Wind" CD

Martyn Bates & Troum "To a Child Dancing in the Wind" CD

Profound songs inspired by YEATS-poems: The acoustic transformation of the deepest yearning - For this release, the german ‘transcendental-drone’-duo TROUM teams up with the legendary british singer / songwriter and EYELESS IN GAZA-member MARTYN BATES. 
More than 2 years in the making, MARTYN BATES has sung & played (mouth organ & melodica) over basic material TROUM provided – consisting of harmonic minimal loops & basic song structures derived from accordeon, e-bass & guitar, percussion), who were then also responsible for the final subsequent additions mastering (adding more guitar-work, voices & balalaika). 
MARTYN BATES has chosen to sing four poems of the famous Irish poet W.B.YEATS, and he did this with a most impressive sensitivity for TROUMS very sublime & rather hidden harmonic structures. There are also two instrumentals in a more experimental style on this disc, one being a dark drone reprise of the main piece “MAD AS THE MIST AND SNOW #2”. MARTYN’s voice is surely not something for everyone – it’s of an extreme emotional & yearnful quality that might be not easy to stand – a yearning which is like a deep “cry out to the horizon”, to something that is unreachable per se, feeling a passion that tears you apart inside. This is pure emotional poetry transformed into yearnful audible spherics! 
Artwork: Daniel Crokaert, founder of the dream-ambience CDR-label MYSTERY SEAS in Brussels and a long-time fan of both MARTYN BATES & TROUM, has created a stunning 6-panel digipack using pictures provided by Martyn. 
The Artists: MARTYN BATES is the legendary british songwriter, being active since the early 80’s, one half of EYELESS IN GAZA & also working solo with other musicians and with Alan Trench as 12.000 DAYS. He has established a unique own style combining elements of folk & various other influences with this remarkable singing, being expressively poetic & highly emotional at any time. 
TROUM is a german duo consisting of 2/3 of the remains of the ambient-industrialists MAEROR TRI (last year saw a rennaisance of M.T. with many re-releases of their works). TROUM describe their music themselves as “transcendental drone-muzak”, a very atmospheric & emotional but often also monumental and noisy, hypnotically & at times trance-inducing rhythmic melange. 
General Disc-Info: 6-panel 4-colour digipack, 6 tracks, 38:30 playtime.

115 SEK