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Michael Chocholak & Ooy "The Hadron Suite" CDr

Michael Chocholak & Ooy "The Hadron Suite" CDr

Michael Chocholak, electroacoustic composer from Oregon and Ooy, electronic composer from Tokyo and member of Conrad Schnitzler's reformed Kluster, exchanged, processed and arranged each other's raw material (samples and field recordings) into a series of compositions that grew and coalesced into "The Hadron Suite". The music, spanning 68 minutes, is varying between electroacoustic sci-fi drone and granular noise. 
The drive to know and understand the cosmos shines like a beacon as if from Plato's fifty six circulating crystal orbs down through the ages to be focused now by one huge spherical lens, a vacuum more perfect than outer space where fifty ton magnets cooled by liquid helium spin opposing orbits of Pandora's threads, revealing the birth of our universe and opening doors to other dimensions; the Large Hadron Collider. 
Total duration 68:03
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