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Sindre Bjerga "Dream Interruption" CDr

Sindre Bjerga "Dream Interruption" CDr

On an extensive tour of the Baltic, Norwegian electro-acoustic improv artist Sindre Bjerga recorded this half-hour album that covers a lot of ground in a comparatively short span of time. Starting with Sindre’s trademark amplified metal objects, it turns into a massive drone noise behemoth in the end. 
If the small, distant sounds of the first half of the set represent the shadowy realm of dreams, then the gradually rising drone of what sounds like bomber planes overhead does indeed come as an interruption, a menacing presence that forces the sleeper to wake up … and perhaps run for cover. A visceral, quasi-narrative instant composition that translates well into the recorded format. 
Limited edition of 50 copies in cardboard sleeve cover.
75 SEK25 SEK