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Sindre Bjerga & Micromelancolié ‎"Invisible Paths" CD

Sindre Bjerga & Micromelancolié ‎"Invisible Paths" CD

Another instalment in the ongoing collaborative mail-art series by the duo of Sindre Bjerga and Robert Skrzyński aka Micromelancolié. The first is a well-known Norwegian sound artist that works alone and in many projects (including the excellent drone Star Turbine) and runs the label called Gold Soundz. Robert Skrzyński does not slow down his creative momentum appearing for the first time on Zoharum with a collaboration (after highly acclaimed albums "It Does not Belong Here" by Micromelancolié and "Najas Flexilis Exequiae" by ForrrestDrones).
The two parts of the title composition included on the album "Invisible Paths" is a continuation of sound exploration by both artists. The duo put on a more modest sonic arsenal than on the previous releases, which does not reduce the quality of these two recordings. In these collages there is a place for ambient textures, surreptitiously recorded conversation, oily drones, and even a little bit of tape music. Here and there scraps of melody emerge from from the bubbling magma, although, in contrast to "Prayer Calls" for example, they only serve as ornaments. "Invisible Paths" is an exercise
in focusing attention of the listener, but it's a risk worth taking.
125 SEK