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Sonologyst "Beyond the Logic of Science" CS

Italian artist Sonologyst is a prolific presence in the experimental dark ambient/post-industrial/noise underground scene. On this album, he pays tribute to early electronic music pioneers from the “academic” new music avant-garde of the mid-20th century by creating compositions based on their ideas, and samples from their works. 
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Henry, Luc Ferrari, Morton Subotnick, Luigi Nono, Henri Pousseur, Bernard Parmegiani, and Bruno Maderna are all referenced by Sonologyst as “precursors of our sonic scapes.” And indeed, the way in which the album weaves the often somewhat terse sine-wave sounds of early electronic music into atmospheric textures goes to show that there is a definite kinship between the “art music” of past decades and the current experimental underground, even regarding the use of sheer noise. Sonologyst thankfully points out that many exciting discoveries may be made by checking out musical fields you may not have tapped into before. 
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