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V/A ‎"Troum Transformation Tapes: The 20th Anniversary Celebration (1997-2017)" 2CD

V/A ‎"Troum Transformation Tapes: The 20th Anniversary Celebration (1997-2017)" 2CD

The very first performance under the name TROUM happened on March 22, 1997, in Wiesbaden, Germany. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band we decided in spring 2017 to invite various friends or beloved associates (= various musicians and artists that have worked with us over the 20 years, becoming fellows or important for our evolution as a band) to take part in this "Troum Transformation" project, based on a concept that goes further than the usual "remix" compilation: any Troum basic material could be chosen to be transformed, processed, covered, re-interpretated or just collaged and morphed into something else. It was also possible to create a complete new track, being inspired by any Troum material or our common experience in the past.
One year later we can proudly present you this unique collection of 19 tracks, showing the wide creative approaches in working with "Troum-matter", concrete audio or just atmospheric imagination.
This is what we all are in the end: a thought, a phantasy, an emotion in the mind of others, a memory, a dream.
TROUM: GLIT(s)CH + BARAKA[H], March 2018

2CD  in a 6-panel Digipak including 16-page booklet.
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