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Velemara "Abysmia" CD

A new project of a certain Lithuanian and we breath with relief that not all is lost on Lithuanian industrial scene. Not everyone is biding their time in the piss rotting with the glass of beer in their hands.Velemara sound quality shows that there still exist people who invest a lot of time into the music equipment. Very responsive Velemara sound takes you to a phantasmagorical world of dusk. At times, the atmosphere is futuristic and militaristic, and then again so mystical as to evoke interesting associations to the audience. The style of music makes one infer that the author has indeed heard NTT, Nordvargr and MZ412 projects. In broader terms, Velemara offers a remarkable solid Scandinavian-type sound and a black industrial atmosphere. 
Album lasts for 52 min. Lim. E 200.

115 SEK 45 SEK